GQ22-A series

Installation aperture of this series of products is 22mm
Product keywords:PUSH BUTTON SWICH, Metal Push Button Switch, Select button, Selector switch, Key button, Key-Lock Switch, Emergency stop button, Emergency Stop Switch

Important parameter:

Diameter: 22mm

Head Structure: Flat Round/Super Flat Head + Flat Key

Electrical parameters: Ith:5A, Ui:250V

Contact Configuration: 1NO1NC/2NO2NC

Operation type: self-repeating/self-locking

IP Degree: IP65 (self-replicating IP67 customizable), IK10

Terminal type: wiring insert (2.8x0.5mm)/wiring post

Switch type: Za (double breakpoint fast contact)

Panel thickness: 1-8 mm

Nut Torque: About 0.6Nm

Mechanical life: more than 1 million times

Electrical life: more than 50,000 times

Wiring insert (2.8x0.5mm)

Za (double breakpoint quick contact)

Key Material: Stainless Steel/Aluminum Alloy Blackening

The Crust Material: Stainless Steel/Aluminum Alloy Blackened

Base Material: PA

Operating pressure: about 4N

Operation stroke: about 2.5mm

Switching Style: No or No Lamp

Working ambient temperature: - 25 ~55 (+no freezing)


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