LAS0-Q series

The installation aperture of this series of products is 22,25,30 mm.
Product keywords:Plastic Push Button Switch, Plastic Signal Lamp,
Emergency Stop Switch, Emergency stop switch,
Selector switch, Select button, Key button, Key-Lock Switch,

Important parameter:

The product has stable performance, low contact resistance, strong insulation and vibration resistance.

Characteristic of impact resistance; meeting IEC 60947-5-1, GB14048.5 and other standards

Contact Configuration: 1NO1NC/2NO2NC/3NO3NC/4NO4NC

Operating Types: Signal Indicator/Self-locking Button/High Button/Mushroom Button/Mushroom Button/Self-locking Button/Stop Switch/Knob/Selection Switch/Key Switch

IP Degree: IP40, IP67

Mechanical life: 1 million self-locking buttons, 500,000 key buttons, 200,000 emergency stop buttons

Electrical life: more than 50,000 times

The Crust Material: Plastics

Working ambient temperature: - 25 ~55 (+no freezing)


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