AD16 series

The installation aperture of this series of products is 16,22,25,30 mm.
Product keywords:Signal lamp Plastic Signal Lamp,Metal Buzzer,Buzzer, Indicator, plastic buzzer,Plastic Led Indicator

Important parameter:

Electrical Life≥30000 hours

Permitted Voltage±20%(≥110V)

Dielectric Strength:2.5kV(AC RMS),1min

Usage Frequency(AC):50~60Hz

Rated Operating Current:≤20mA


Comparative Tracking Index CT1≥100,flame retardant

Insulation Resistance: Ui≤60V,5MΩ:60V<Ui≤660V,50MΩ

Light Color: Red/Green/Blue/Yellow/Orange/White

IP Degree IP40, IP65


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